Every last day of the year a little girl stood at her window with a wish in her heart and looked up to the night sky. She wished she could hug everyone in the world and make them feel loved; she would tell them that no matter what had happened – it would all be better soon. In the end, they wouldn't have to worry.


This little girl grew up but her wish never withered. She still lives to remind people of all the good that exists in this world.


That is why I do what I do.



Writer I Director I Cinematographer I Photographer I MUA I Costume Designer




I work with people who BELIEVE IN THEIR DREAMS as much as I believe in mine.

People with HOPE that never fades no matter how hard it gets to go on.

People who NEVER GIVE UP because their dream is the reason they exist.

People with COURAGE and HEART.

If you’re one of those people then we should work together.






mobile: (+49) 172 40 83 725